Our Legacy S/S10

July 20, 2009


July is a boring period in terms of shopping. All shops are on sale meaning ugly displays, least interesting pieces, no size left… and the A/W collection not in yet… So I rather talk about next summer. I had a chance to pass by Paris Capsule few weeks ago and preview one of my favorite brands: Our Legacy. Again, I’m amazed by their overall collection! Great shirts, knits, jackets, refined materials, nice details, fresh colors. I loved everything i saw and if i had the chance to take one piece with me, it would have been this outstanding western shirt with yellow leather patch. Unfortunatly, I’ll have to wait about 6 months… Hopefully, the winter collection is coming soon…


AC Cobra

July 20, 2009


Damn! I wish this was mine…

Chez Jeannette

July 19, 2009


If you’re in Paris this summer and want to experience one of the most “in the know” bistrot, head for Chez Jeannette. I’ve heard a lot about this place for months, maybe too much, to the point i was a little reluctant but finally went for a lunch last week. Good surprised. Very authentic atmosphere, in the middle of the working-class 10th district, good food, intresting mix of people. Of course, expect a gathering of the hypest parisian crowd when the night fall…

47, Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis , 75010 Paris

Summer Outfit

June 16, 2009

Image 354Image 357Image 356

After few days of non-stop rain in Paris, blue sky seems to show up again today so it’s time to take out a nice summer outfit and head for a terrace to bask in the sun. A Gitman blue Oxford paired with a Ralph Lauren shorts, a a.p.c. leather belt and a pair of Our Legacy Deck sneakers white canvas (the best sneakers of the season) will do just perfectly! I’ll let you know about the terrace on the next post…


June 14, 2009

Image 293Image 294Image 296Image 295

VU, one of the best photography agency based in Paris, is releasing a very interesting third issue of their magazine, dedicated to cinema. I was caught by the “behind the scene” story by Gilles Favier on 90’s icon french movie La Haine as well as a nice portrait series from Cannes festival…

Docksides smoke waxy

June 5, 2009

Image 331

It’s not a secret for anyone, this summer is more than ever the boat shoe season. Nearly every brands have done their own version, more or less revisited, from apc to famous Band of Outsiders collab with Sperry. Nervertheless none of them in my opinion can match the original Docksides from Sebago. Simple yet perfect design, handcrafted, very comfortable and such a great look. This grey “waxy” version is just perfect.

Engineered Garments shorts

June 5, 2009

Image 298Image 297

I mentionned in my last post i was wearing jeans 90% of the time. Well, with is sun showing up and the air getting hot, it’s time to use the other 10%. No better way than my Engineered Garments shorts. Black chino canvas with military pockets. I bought this piece 3 summers ago at Odin in New York and it is really indestructible. Really nice top quality, “crafted in with pride New York” as the inside tag indicates. Now i need the same one in Khaki…

Acne Max Jeans

June 1, 2009

Image 292

I might have a different shirt for each day of the week, but when it comes to bottom it’s an all different issue. Actually, i wear jeans about 90% of the time (OK, maybe 95) and nearly always the same style: the Max from Acne. I think it’s a big struggle to find the right cut and I must say the Max fits just perfectly, straight cut, just a little narrow. You can take it a size bigger than normal for a looser silhouette to wear with sneakers. It may not be a sharp and extra rigid “made in japan” denim (which I also enjoy wearing some time to time, especially the Nom de Guerre) but it’s very comfortable for an everyday use. My basic remains the raw one but i got myself a light blue for the summer which I’m getting a lot of wear these days. The Max is definitely a must.

Monocle / Erik Schedin white sneakers

May 31, 2009

Image 299Image 300

While going through the new Monocle issue, my eyes were caught by those superb white sneakers by Erik Schedin. They are on sale exclusively on his website which is very conceptual. Ultra minimal, no information about the author just a series of products for sale online with no apparent link (a Pledge Furniture Wax, a Bag made from vintage sail, a ACME Thunderer,…) except the overall clean design aspect. Not sure i’m really getting the message if there is one but one thing for sure: I’m very attracted by those white sneakers in a similar spirit as the white Common Projects Achilles low. The simplest drawing you can imagine with nothing superfluous, like the visual definition of “white sneakers”. Is it a sign (?): they only come in one size… mine…



May 29, 2009

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I love photography. There is a lot of photographers I admire and will share on this blog but Philip-Lorca diCorcia is undoutebly my favorite. This edition is a catalog published for the exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art of Boston in 2007. It’s not the rarest but it’s very nicely done. It gathers some of his best images from all his major series. The essay by Bennett Simpson is really interesting and highlights the dichotomy developed in diCorcia’s work between reality and fiction. Either when it comes to set up an ordinary life situation, or shooting “real” street scenes making them look like they are set up using artificial lighting effects. No doubt his work has influenced such talented photographers as Gregory Crewdson and Erwin Olaf.