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I love photography. There is a lot of photographers I admire and will share on this blog but Philip-Lorca diCorcia is undoutebly my favorite. This edition is a catalog published for the exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art of Boston in 2007. It’s not the rarest but it’s very nicely done. It gathers some of his best images from all his major series. The essay by Bennett Simpson is really interesting and highlights the dichotomy developed in diCorcia’s work between reality and fiction. Either when it comes to set up an ordinary life situation, or shooting “real” street scenes making them look like they are set up using artificial lighting effects. No doubt his work has influenced such talented photographers as Gregory Crewdson and Erwin Olaf.


3 Responses to “diCorcia”

  1. Eric of Tristan Says:

    I’m sadly under-educated when it comes to photography, as people around never fails to point out. But these are beautiful!

    • Ali Says:

      Well the most important is to have the eye to appreciate beautiful images 😉 A lot more coming soon…

  2. Eric of Tristan Says:

    True 🙂 Looking forward to it!

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