Summer Outfit

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After few days of non-stop rain in Paris, blue sky seems to show up again today so it’s time to take out a nice summer outfit and head for a terrace to bask in the sun. A Gitman blue Oxford paired with a Ralph Lauren shorts, a a.p.c. leather belt and a pair of Our Legacy Deck sneakers white canvas (the best sneakers of the season) will do just perfectly! I’ll let you know about the terrace on the next post…


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6 Responses to “Summer Outfit”

  1. Eric of Tristan Says:

    Sounds lovely. Great outfit, timeless style! Pretty much exactly how I dress myself these days (when the weather allows it). How’s the fit of the Gitman? Wide as most american shirts or more european (slim)?


    • Ali Says:

      Hi Eric,

      Gitman combines all the american heritage with a much slimer fit than the usual Brooks Brothers or Ralph Lauren. Definitely the best Oxford shirt! The only thing is the sleeves are a bit too short for my long arms but since i always roll them up it’s not a problem.

  2. Fredrik Says:

    Beautiful and “airy” clothes for a sunny summer day.

  3. Oscar Says:

    Dude! next post!?

  4. joakim Says:

    Come on. What is happening!? Give us another post! šŸ™‚

  5. Ali Says:

    Sorry Guys… The past few weeks have been very busy but thanks to remind me not to forget my dear blog! I’ll try my best to make as much post as i can…

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