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AC Cobra

July 20, 2009


Damn! I wish this was mine…


Docksides smoke waxy

June 5, 2009

Image 331

It’s not a secret for anyone, this summer is more than ever the boat shoe season. Nearly every brands have done their own version, more or less revisited, from apc to famous Band of Outsiders collab with Sperry. Nervertheless none of them in my opinion can match the original Docksides from Sebago. Simple yet perfect design, handcrafted, very comfortable and such a great look. This grey “waxy” version is just perfect.

Monocle / Erik Schedin white sneakers

May 31, 2009

Image 299Image 300

While going through the new Monocle issue, my eyes were caught by those superb white sneakers by Erik Schedin. They are on sale exclusively on his website which is very conceptual. Ultra minimal, no information about the author just a series of products for sale online with no apparent link (a Pledge Furniture Wax, a Bag made from vintage sail, a ACME Thunderer,…) except the overall clean design aspect. Not sure i’m really getting the message if there is one but one thing for sure: I’m very attracted by those white sneakers in a similar spirit as the white Common Projects Achilles low. The simplest drawing you can imagine with nothing superfluous, like the visual definition of “white sneakers”. Is it a sign (?): they only come in one size… mine…

Ic! Berlin sunglasses

May 24, 2009

Image 187

Although we cannot really say summer is showing up in Paris these days, we still have a chance to see the sun from time to time between 2 clouds. Enough to give us a good reason to buy a pair of sunglasses. It was not easy for me to find the right one and after trying several at Marc Le Bihan, from Ray-ban to Repsol, my choice finally went for this Ic! Berlin aviator style. Though they keep a vintage touch, they have all newest technology like flexible material which make them nearly unbreakable, plus they are ultra lightweight. Very comfortable and stylish.

In the mood for Acne

May 21, 2009

Image 281

It was not something on purpose as I’m really more into mixing brands but i happened to find myself in a total Acne look this morning. Chambray shirt, Max Raw denim and Tradition shoes. Well I guess it’s made to work together and it actually does pretty well… I have to say Acne as a really strong collection this season and it’s a brand I really love in general. Nice basics with a creative touch and nice materials. The perfect clothes for everyday easy wear.

My Vespa

May 19, 2009

Image 263

I love my Vespa. Sometimes i try to persuade myself: a Yamaha Xmax would be so much faster, so much safer. No way, I go for the look, and the vespa as THE unique old school killer look. No better way to ride in Paris, especially with your lady at the back.

Leica c-lux 3

May 17, 2009

Image 245Image 200

I like taking snaps with my iphone. It’s easy, low profile, and i’m pretty convinced that ten years from now, the pixels of 1st generation digital cameras will be as charming as are today the grains of our old film cameras. This being said, when i got as a birthday present this outstanding Leica… wow… sorry iphone, I’ll still using you as phone… I’m a big fan of photography and Leica, like Rolex for watches, Louis Vuitton for Luggage, represents history. I love the pure design and simplicity Leica kept for their digital version that definitely step it apart from all other sophisticate brands. Definitly my style. So let’s go for extra sharp and colorful pictures!

Monocle x Comme des Garçons

May 10, 2009

Image 177

One of my favorite magazine, Monocle, extended its activity a while ago to retail, opening 2 mini concept shops (one in the UK and the other in California) where they carry all their issues as well as numerous co-branded items with very nice avant-gardist labels. I was very pleased to get their Comme des Garçons candle today as I pass by the CDG Pocket shop in the Marais which had just received it. I have to admit that my first motivation for this purchase was more about the object in itself for its design and for what those 2 labels represent. Nevertheless I was pleasingly surprised by the refined japanese wood scent. Very fresh and refined smell. I might burn this candle after all…

Mismo Shopper

May 9, 2009

Image 159

Heavy canvas coming from the same Italian factory that provides Hermes, full grain leather, straightforward scandinavian design. That’s a Mismo bag. To most people, this is just a simple bag, to connoisseur, this is a state of the art product.

Ruby PAVILLON Concorde

May 3, 2009


What a more stylish way to drive a vespa than having a Ruby helmet on your head? This Pavillon Concorde is a piece of art. Carbon fiber, red leather interior, and a killer retro design! No crash allowed…