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Kitsuné Oxford shirt

May 26, 2009

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I stopped by Kitsuné shop yesterday. My idea was to get their great western denim shirt but when I saw this amazing Oxford, I just couldn’t resist. Great cotton, perfectly tailored, with an elegant club collar with button-under, made in Italy. Quality is always to the top with Kitsuné. And a funny thing: journalists from my favorite magazine, Monocle, happened to be there doing a story for their next issue. They interviewed and portrayed me as Kitsuné customer.


Opening Ceremony desert boots

May 17, 2009

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What else could I do?… When I walked into FrenchTrotters and came across the shoes I’ve been dreaming for so long: Opening Ceremony desert boots, just right in front of me, in a nice blue and beige suede versions, nicely displayed next to a Mismo bag, Monocle magazine and Nom de Guerre jeans… My perfect world! What else could I do but to buy them right away in both colors?…

Shopping spree

May 12, 2009

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A little shopping today. I went to my favorite shop, FrenchTrotters, to get this nice pair of Our Legacy Deck sneakers. Fits just perfectly with my outfit: Filippa K hooded jacket, Our Legacy check shirt, Acne Max denim and my faithful Mismo tote.