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Acne Max Jeans

June 1, 2009

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I might have a different shirt for each day of the week, but when it comes to bottom it’s an all different issue. Actually, i wear jeans about 90% of the time (OK, maybe 95) and nearly always the same style: the Max from Acne. I think it’s a big struggle to find the right cut and I must say the Max fits just perfectly, straight cut, just a little narrow. You can take it a size bigger than normal for a looser silhouette to wear with sneakers. It may not be a sharp and extra rigid “made in japan” denim (which I also enjoy wearing some time to time, especially the Nom de Guerre) but it’s very comfortable for an everyday use. My basic remains the raw one but i got myself a light blue for the summer which I’m getting a lot of wear these days. The Max is definitely a must.


In the mood for Acne

May 21, 2009

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It was not something on purpose as I’m really more into mixing brands but i happened to find myself in a total Acne look this morning. Chambray shirt, Max Raw denim and Tradition shoes. Well I guess it’s made to work together and it actually does pretty well… I have to say Acne as a really strong collection this season and it’s a brand I really love in general. Nice basics with a creative touch and nice materials. The perfect clothes for everyday easy wear.

Acne Fleece Jacket

May 17, 2009

Image 256

I bought this Acne Jacket earlier this season but somehow I never worn it. It happens sometime, you love something when you see it in the shop and back home… I think i was a little bit reluctant to the material.
I finally pulled it out of my dressing this morning, along with a Fillipa K knit, my Acne Max and my new pair of Opening Ceremony and… it happened to work out pretty well after all!

Our Legacy Deck sneakers + Check shirt

May 12, 2009

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Shopping spree

May 12, 2009

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A little shopping today. I went to my favorite shop, FrenchTrotters, to get this nice pair of Our Legacy Deck sneakers. Fits just perfectly with my outfit: Filippa K hooded jacket, Our Legacy check shirt, Acne Max denim and my faithful Mismo tote.

Richelieu Acne Tradition

May 3, 2009


Desert boots Acne

May 2, 2009


We are seeing numerous version of the desert boots this season and it’s only the begining as next season will be the 60th anniversary of Clarks ones. My choice went for Acne’s “Dune”. Very pure lines, great finish with a tough goodyear sole and superb light grey color. Definitly my top choice so far. I’m still looking forward to try on the Opening Ceremony’s, which might make me change my mind…

Acne chambray shirts

April 29, 2009


Shoes obsession…

April 24, 2009


Welcome everyone on my blog which is fully dedicated to my obsessive love for “nice things”. Clothes of course but more generally about everything related to my lifestyle and tastes. All the content is very personal and based only on my belongings and experiences in a diary style, as a starting point to talk about more general topics which I hope will catch your attention and make you react…

For my first post, it came up naturally to talk about shoes which somehow take a very big space on my heart and also in my appartment… why shoes are so important to us? Karl Lagarfeld once said “someone wearing ugly shoes is always suspicious”. Well, i don’t know if I would go so far but I do believe you can tell a bit about somebody looking at his shoes. To me, it’s the most important part of an outfit. On the morning, you can quickly slip into a simple basic top and jeans, and a nice pair of shoes will do the rest. Easy!