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Leica c-lux 3

May 17, 2009

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I like taking snaps with my iphone. It’s easy, low profile, and i’m pretty convinced that ten years from now, the pixels of 1st generation digital cameras will be as charming as are today the grains of our old film cameras. This being said, when i got as a birthday present this outstanding Leica… wow… sorry iphone, I’ll still using you as phone… I’m a big fan of photography and Leica, like Rolex for watches, Louis Vuitton for Luggage, represents history. I love the pure design and simplicity Leica kept for their digital version that definitely step it apart from all other sophisticate brands. Definitly my style. So let’s go for extra sharp and colorful pictures!


Shopping spree

May 12, 2009

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A little shopping today. I went to my favorite shop, FrenchTrotters, to get this nice pair of Our Legacy Deck sneakers. Fits just perfectly with my outfit: Filippa K hooded jacket, Our Legacy check shirt, Acne Max denim and my faithful Mismo tote.